BLACKOUT paintings

January 18, 2018  20:36  |  News

Ten years of abstract paintings, functions and principles. Mouth filled with paint, paintings in front of the eyes. Finally, artists hands got heavy and he asked himself: “So how many paintings I have to make? Maybe one would have been enough? Will this mystery go on forever?” Painter went blind. He was watching over his unfinished canvas, he was looking at his new black enlightenment.

Algimantas Černiauskas

Photo – GRAFO gallery ©


Algimantas Černiauskas is one of the most active contemporary young painters in Vilnius. His paintings are the development of Lithuanian modernistic painting heritage. Artist freely controls paintings of the largest scale. According to the author himself: “through the act of painting I’m reaching for the spectacle”. Recently, the work of Černiauskas rises from the picture frames to performances, music and video, but abstract painting and reflection of the painter’s nature remain the main motive of his creative work. The artist actively participates in groups and personal exhibitions. In this project, painter presents his previously created, smaller, never presented, castaway paintings and some sculptural etudes.

The author says: this exhibition is a portrait of a painter like me. All objects in this exhibition are unambiguous certificates of a painting act. Although, in fact, I paint less and less. The painter’s burden is not so easy. I‘m learning to be more flexible. I used to be a dogmatic abstraction painter, but if the painter’s fate is punishment, then I send myself to amnesty. I feel like, after ten years of abstract painting, I finally start to see what I really paint.


It‘s a painters drama, death and new adventures in the dark. This is the exhibition about renewal after all the light is extinguished.

Vilnensis, Dominikonų st. 7/20

Exhibition is open: 01-12 / 02-10

Gallery open hours: II – V 12-18, VI 11-17