July 28, 2013  11:15  |  Daily Inspiration Fashion

Does a thought of buying new backpack reminds you of going back to school? We used to think the same as clutches, bags and purses together with high heels became the key items of a ‘chic look’.  But let’s face it- sometimes it’s not that fun to stumble around in heels and time to time all of us dream of having our hands free to answer those uncountable messages, emails and check Instagram on-the-go.


We have some good news for all the fashionistas who secretly dream of looking fabulous and feeling comfortable at the same time! Backpacks (together with colourful runners as you probably realized already) are back to the streets. This time our style icons, not only schoolgirls, wear them. Oh, and did we mention that they look fabulous too? Forget about school, backpacks now are trendy and chic!


Bags: TOPSHOP, Fjallraven, ASOS.


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