Avoc: fashion, art and violence

February 10, 2014  22:40  |  Fashion

Avoc: fashion, art and violence

Photos: atelieravoc.com

Have you heard about Avoc atelier before? It’s a brand new label established by design duo Laura Do and Bastien Laurent in Paris, 2013. Avoc style is based on many other forms of art such as architecture, sculpture, decorative arts and cinematography. Once you look through the pictures of their work, the sense of effortless theatrical performance rushes through your mind. The limited range of colors and strong lines create very clear and mature look, while scenographic approach to the background and positions of models take art to the next level. It seems fashion for them is not only about the design of different garments but also the attitude and feeling it gives merged together with other forms of artistic expression.

Designers introduced their collection called “Chapter I” in this year Paris fashion week and told a story about a violent relationship between a man and a woman. They definitely say less is more.  And it couldn’t be more of truth when this madness that most of couples experience daily is expressed with subtle and delicate minimalism. The less objects and colours use, the stronger the statement becomes. Designers incorporate a social issue that has been discussed in media for a while and make fashion a social entity. Moving, simple and chic collection is outstanding for its original way of dealing with art and fashion.

Avoc Chapter I – Domestic Madness from Atelier Avoc on Vimeo.