Average Is The ‘New Black’

November 5, 2018  20:31  |  Watch it

Gerardas Anusevičius

Photos – Gerardas Anusevičius ©

In the perfect world of social media, we can see examples of extraordinary all over the Internet. The best of models, athletes, singers and entrepreneurs. The worst of criminals, the most bizarre accidents and the craziest records. The extra -’s and -st’s of our planet Earth. After being thoroughly brainwashed by that kind of overwhelming information – how can we be okay with what’s just average or normal?

At this point, being different becomes a game of survival. The whole world becomes a jungle and we become the birds of paradise dancing for our existence. We try to be ahead of everyone else – be it getting the newest or the most expensive clothes, diving into the craziest adventures or immersing into the most unique activities.

Gerardas Anusevičius

This never-ending chase of brilliance empties our inner light. At one point, when we look in the mirror, we see this simple person without a filter. And that, to us, is devastating. How can we achieve greatness without standing out? How can we be more likeable and get more followers?

We strive for perfection so hard that our endeavour to be exceptional becomes a paradox. If everything was perfect, we would live in a boring utopian world. If everybody was exceptional, there would be no average. And then, the average would be the new exceptional. Average would be the new black.


Photographer – Gerardas Anusevičius

Designer – Jurgita Rapkevičiūtė

MUA – Austėja Žaliukaitė

Model – Laura Kerdokaitė

Location – “Domus Maria Hotel”, Vilnius, Lithuania

Gerardas Anusevičius

Gerardas Anusevičius

Gerardas Anusevičius

Gerardas Anusevičius

Gerardas Anusevičius

Gerardas Anusevičius



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