Atrium 916 – Gallery Art Café that Serves Art Not Food at Your Table

December 28, 2021  22:56  |  News

Inside the Atrium 916 gallery called Sacramento.Shop you will find upcycled, eco-friendly unique art and innovative products with a zero-waste twist. Wallets and messenger bags made out of tires, reusable water balloons and even a Chinese takeout container that has been converted into an amp and battery-operated blue tooth speaker. From clothes to electronics, wall art to kitchen wares, the Atrium Gallery Store inspires creativity and ingenuity.

Atrium 916 – Gallery Art Café that Serves Art Not Food at Your Table

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A baby grand piano is open and ready for anyone to play along with tablet games that challenge your recycling knowledge. Customers are encouraged to return empty product packaging, from beauty care containers to empty candles, Atrium 916 collects the empty containers for the producers, who take them, sanitize them and re-fill their products for a zero-waste system.

“When working with community local makers, who are willing to innovate for the sake of the planet and enjoy reduced costs with virgin packaging, the zero-waste, extreme producer responsibility and circular economy model is what makes sense,” explains Shira Lane, CEO of Atrium 916, “I hope people see how our collaboration of artists, inventors and creatives showcases what can and needs to do be done, to bring about a future we can all live in. One in harmony with the planet and each other.”

Atrium 916 is open 6 days a week from 10 am to 5 pm, closed on Mondays. Located at 1020 Front Street in historic Old Sacramento, California.

Atrium 916 – Gallery Art Café that Serves Art Not Food at Your Table

The e-commerce platform Sacramento.Shop and the Gallery and Art- cafe are programs of Atrium 916, a 501c3 nonprofit (Up Kindness, Inc.) Sacramento’s Creative Innovation Center for Sustainability, on a mission to build kind creative solutions for a sustainable future. Circular Economy Innovation drives everything at the Atrium, where producer responsibility is prime.





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