Aromatherapy Slap Bracelet

November 6, 2017  21:43  |  News

MOJO bracelet - SwO magazine

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The aromatherapy and essential oils company ‘Aravinda’ successfully launched their crowdfunding campaign for the MOJO bracelet on Kickstarter. The campaign, which is set to run for 30 days, surpassed its funding goal within the first 34 hours but will continue to take pre-orders until the end of the month.

The MOJO is a stainless-steel slap bracelet that combines principles of aromatherapy and colour therapy. Users can add two drops of essential oil to the outer layer of absorbent microfiber material, allowing the smell to diffuse as they go about their day, while the inner waterproof neoprene layer protects them from having the essential oil come in contact with their skin. An additional microfiber layer provides comfort. The MOJO is available in four colours: orange, green, blue, and violet. Campaign supporters can also receive one or more of Aravinda’s signature essential oil blends as part of their package.




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