American street art God collabs with The Skateroom

January 22, 2015  15:48  |  News

The Skateroom


Nowadays skateboards became nearly the main way to spread the art to the street culture. That’s why when most famous works of someone like Jean-Michel Basquiat are placed on the skate deck, this means a lot for the skateboarders, who try to represent rebellious subculture of the youth and rejection of mainstream society. The New York artist was one of not many people, who really dedicated his life for fighting inequality, with his various manifestations through his street art. Therefore this collaboration with The Skateroom for a series of skateboard decks is clearly exiting not just for skateboarders, but also to everyone who is engaged into street art and spread of the new tendencies.

The Skateroom

The Skateroom

The Skateroom



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