A Spectrum of Color in One Pair of Glasses

July 19, 2021  15:05  |  Fashion

AVIEW is built upon the creative premise of seeing the world through different perspectives. With their innovative and disruptive patent-pending slip-in lenses, you can go from seeing the world through yellow lenses to rose to blue, brown, green, and back to clear lenses. As your emotive spectrum changes throughout the day, AVIEW eyewear allows you to pivot with your energetic shifts so that you can be your best moment to moment, all day long.

A Spectrum of Color in One Pair of Glasses

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The year was 1665. The disruptor was Isaac Newton. The innovation was “modern colour theory.”

And while Isaac Newton passed white light through a prism, AVIEW created the groundbreaking interchangeable lenses so that as your needs, mood, and inspiration evolve, so can your sunglasses. Launched in May of 2021, AVIEW is putting modern colour theory’s creative and emotional benefits into the hands and eyes of everyday users through accessible price points. Gone are the days where you pay premium prices to soak in the benefits of just one coloured pair of sunglasses. Finally, with one pair of AVIEW glasses, you have an array of customizable lens options.

Colour affects your energy – when wearing yellow, it is like drinking coffee for your eyeballs, prompting concentration, attentiveness, and joy. Rose will settle you away from stress and into a relaxing state. Blue activates a refreshing kind of peace. Brown creates a nostalgic dream-like state and provides a little bit of everything while green stimulates creativity.

Founder A/J Jackson is probably best known for his role as the lead singer of the internationally platinum-selling rock band Saint Motel. He is acclaimed for his enthusiastic stage performances and is used to looking out onto a crowd of people.

“Imagine never having to be limited to one colour choice again. Start the day with yellow lenses, switch to blue in the afternoon and wind down your day with some rose-tinted lenses,” says A/J Jackson.

AVIEW’s slip-ins are thin UV-protected, polarized, interchangeable lenses that simply slip in front of your optical lenses to transform your glasses into sunglasses. The slip-ins are compact by design and come in a 2×3 inch leather wallet, so carrying them around is as easy as slipping them into your pocket.

For every pair sold, you will be helping restore vision to those in need through AVIEW’s charitable partnership with SEE International.





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