A Revolutionary Body Measurement Device

November 22, 2017  19:28  |  News

Start Today USA, the American subsidiary of Japan’s largest fashion e-commerce company, announces the launch of the ZOZOSUIT, a revolutionary body measurement device. Designed in anticipation of the launch of Start Today’s first private label collection, ZOZO, the suit’s technology will allow the company to create clothes that are guaranteed to fit, every time.


Photo – ZOZOSUIT ©

The ZOZOSUIT features patented sensor technology that is capable of capturing 15,000 precise measurements unique to each customer. Enabled with Bluetooth, the ZOZOSUIT seamlessly syncs with the ZOZO app and allows customers to upload their measurements from the comfort of their own home. Once their measurements have been captured, customers can shop the ZOZO collection, men’s and women’s high-quality basics including denim, t-shirts and coats.

In Japan, where Start Today is globally headquartered, the ZOZOSUIT launches to the public today. It will be available exclusively to members of ZOZOTOWN, the country’s largest e-commerce fashion website. In Japan, data from the suit’s sensors will help guide shoppers to find the best fit from the thousands of brands the site currently offers and to shop Start Today’s private label clothing. Shipments of the ZOZOSUIT to ZOZOTOWN customers will start at the end of November 2017.

You can pre-order the ZOZOSUIT HERE and say goodbye to sizes!



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