A New ‘Clean Beauty’ Skincare Brand to Feel Good About

February 14, 2022  22:28  |  Beauty Fashion

As confidently stated by the translated meaning of the traditional Mohawk word, I:se [ee-say] means you. Inspired by the indigenous people of our lands, I:se is a new skincare brand celebrating the attributes derived from Native American culture.

Founder and product designer, Stephanie Harte’s story is simple, pure, and emotional. After 11 years of studying all-natural botanicals and testing her formulas, she decided to launch I:se’s line of skincare products into the market on a platform that is aligned with her life’s biggest inspiration – her bloodline.

A New 'Clean Beauty' Skincare Brand to Feel Good About

Photo – I:se All Natural Skincare ©

Founded on a set of core principles that guide all aspects of the business, I:se Leads with a profound respect for the environment. The brand vehemently stands behind a sustainability mission that governs all facets of operations and product development. “While we are committed to sustainability, we are not perfect. We will remain in a relentless pursuit of more compliant materials, partners, and processes.” said founder Stephanie Harte.

I:se is a woman-owned business with a clear understanding of its customer. Its mission is to honour the empathetic and confident woman who respects Mother Earth, her body, and recognizes the benefit of her daily ritual – an affordable luxury that nourishes and hydrates to protect from the elements of today’s journey.

I:se’s brand launch is celebrated with a family of four face care products that use pure and natural botanicals. Delivering a pure pampering experience, I:se Lip Balm is a luxurious unscented blend featuring a plant-based, antioxidant, and vitamin-rich formula designed to protect, nourish, soften, and soothe.

I:se Face Serum is a fast-absorbing blend of active botanicals. This hyper-potent hyaluronic acid blend is formulated to enrich and balance the complexion, calm inflammation, boost elasticity, and protect against environmental elements.

I:se Face Mist is an antioxidant-rich blend formulated to hydrate, soothe, moisturize, and restore your skin. Leaving you refreshed after just one spritz.

I:se’s premium Face Oil is an opulent blend of micronutrients and superior antioxidants. Key botanicals promote healthy ageing and deliver their powerful properties to boost cell renewal, fight free radicals, and repair the skin barrier.

Every bottle is made by hand in small-batch in botanical-rich Hood River, Oregon. This ensures a high-quality product that is always fresh, natural, and good for the skin.

Located in beautiful Hood River, Oregon, the heart of the Cascade Mountain range, I:se is a creator of all-natural skincare products. Our bountiful environment fuels our motivation to relentlessly innovate with new products, hold ourselves accountable to our core values, and serve you – our friend, and our customer.




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